What is a Pearl?

The pearl is formed when irritants lodge in an oyster’s soft tissue. The oyster produces a coating to protect itself from the irritant, and this coating, called nacre, builds up in many thin layers, creating an iridescent pearl. Generally speaking, the thicker the resulting layer of nacre is, the more iridescent the pearl is and the more luster it exhibits, which determines the value of a pearl or strand of pearls. The resulting pearl can take the shape of a round, spherical mass, or it can be formed in an irregular shape. Round pearls are the most desirable, although much interest is found in irregular, or baroque, pearls.

Since the secret to selecting high-grade pearl material is to ensure that the layer of nacre is sufficiently thick to produce the best luster, we select pearls that have been cultivated in pearl beds for years. Thus, the grades of pearls we offer present as beautiful, highly lustrous finished jewelry. We avoid under-cultivated pearls and we guarantee that the pearls we sell will not peel or otherwise deteriorate if they are worn and cared for properly. The pearl jewelry we offer will give pleasure and function for generations.

NH Watch Company