Diamonds 101

Diamonds are graded and priced according to the “4Cs”:.

  • Cut refers to the cutter’s skill in transforming a rough stone into a breathtaking gem. A standard cut diamond has 58 facets, the industry standard, that allow light to enter it. The more precisely a diamond’s cut, the more sparkle and brilliance result.
  • Color – Diamonds are available in a wide range of colors and, as a rule, the less color a diamond has, the more valuable it is. Our diamonds are colorless or near colorless. We also offer fancy colored diamonds, including yellow, pink and blue upon special request.
  • Clarity refers to the number, position and size of the inclusions, or imperfections, that naturally occur inside diamonds. More valuable diamonds have fewer inclusions. The best way to view a diamond’s clarity is under a 10 power binocular microscope with the assistance of a qualified jeweler.
  • Carat refers to a diamond’s weight, and is a small unit of measurement equal to one fifth of a gram or 200 milligrams.